What We Do


Representation of Manufacturer’s Product Lines:

As a Company, we strive to maintain synergy within the product lines we represent in the marketplace.  Our line up of represented manufacturers and their products allows us the opportunity to provide end to end products and solutions from the commercial office space to the industrial plant.  This method of “System Selling” gives us the capability of offering multiple solutions to potential customers thus increasing our sales efficiency and at the same time maximizing exposure for our clients and their products. We work to leverage our relationships throughout the industry to provide a very sensible and efficient value for the Manufacturers that we represent.

Technical Sales Organization:

PSA has factory trained Technical Sales Personnel. We are proficient in all facets of Network Cabling Infrastructure from design of the cabling system to testing and certification of those Copper/Fiber Networks. In addition, we have solutions in all facets of physical security including servers, VMS, cameras, access control, and emergency notification. We also cover the areas of public address, speech privacy, and unified communications to offer our clients an engineered distributed audio system.

Distributor Relationships:

Our strong relationships with the distribution channel enables PSA to  gain and manage stock packages for the manufacturer’s lines that we represent.  These partnerships are key to working with the end user, by allowing us to  jointly pull  our principle’s products through the channel.

Inside Sales:

With an inside sales/customer service Team at our Atlanta facility, we have the backing and support for proactive selling, quotations, and potential sales leads for our outside Sales Team members.


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Our total mission is to increase sales.

Professional Sales Agents, Inc. (PSA) was founded in 1978, with original emphasis in the telephony industry.  Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, (a suburb of Atlanta), our Company has expanded its coverage into numerous states, and a multitude of voice and data products, physical security, and Pro Audio.  PSA has an additional sales office located within our respective footprint:  Plano, Texas.

PSA’s unique combination of focus on IP End Points brings an extraordinary approach to selling in a diversified marketplace.  By providing products for the voice, data, electrical, security and the A/V markets, PSA is able to reach a larger share of the industry.

We serve Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,  Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona and South Virginia.

Mission Statement

Working to Connect, Protect, Power, and Test Networks.